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Actress Justine Waddell has been telling RT about her role in a Russian film and shared the secrets of learning Russian in a couple of months. Justine’s Russian adventures started when the actress was offered a leading role in a new arthouse Russian movie “The Target” directed by Aleksandr Zeldovich. Despite having to learn Russian from scratch to get a leading role, Justine was hooked by the screenplay and agreed to work with Zeldovich’s team. “It is a depiction of Moscow in the near future, in the year 2020,” Justine told RT. “The film tells the story of six members of Moscow’s elite who travel to astrophysical sights near the boundary of Mongolia, because they were told that if they go there they would stop ageing.” The film examines such profound questions as what makes a man happy, what one needs for happiness, how people would live if they knew that they would never die. First presented at the 61st Berlin International Film Festival, the movie was warmly welcomed by Russian and foreign critics alike, who called it “a surrealistic drama” and “an outline of new Russian perception.” Working with a foreign actress as a lead posed certain difficulties to the team, but, despite obvious problems with Justine’s accent and pronunciation, the director managed to find a way out. “I had an enormous accent, so we dubbed the whole film in post-production,” Waddell told RT. “It was impossible to use any of the original sound material. The way it worked was that an incredible Russian actress, Polina Ktepova, gave me a voice recording. I just sat there and repeated the lines. It was very difficult because I couldn’t understand what anyone else was saying.” Soon enough Waddell managed to almost get rid of her accent.

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